Democratizing WASH Knowledge

The days of google'ing for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) knowledge is over. WASH AI is enriched daily with the latest updates, and is powered by over 20,000 curated WASH resources, including recent news, and soon over 2 million data points.

Delivering interactive context-specific insights in your language, WASH AI informs your decision-making with its advanced AI capabilities, and helps you understand WASH complexities using text, images and learning tools.

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Follow the evolution of WASH AI, and learn how we are reshaping the knowledge sector


Addressing Bias, Embracing Diversity, and Capturing Tacit Wisdom

We examine the challenges and opportunities in the humanitarian and development sector's knowledge platforms. Highlighting biases and limitations in conventional knowledge bases, it emphasizes the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives, capturing tacit wisdom, and leveraging AI. The piece also outlines strategies for making knowledge platforms more inclusive, responsive, and locally relevant.